One of the highlights of the year!

You'll be inspired and thrilled by the mastery and creativity of the presentations on the main stage.

Witness amazing demonstrations of self defense, weapons, kata, throwing and board breaking from teams from Canada, Europe and the USA.

This is a show that you can't miss - truly a SUPER show, with lights and lazer effects, and many surprises that has to be seen to be believed. Free party after the demonstrations to hang out and share social time with your martial arts friends.

The BEST Martial Arts teams of Greece
Shotokan Karate, World Taekwondo, Judo, Kick Boxing, Aikido, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Self Defense, Capoeira, Mantis, Ed Parker's Kenpo, Hapkido, Ninjutsu...
Partner Acrobatics Yoga Show
Traditional and Modern Dance Teams
Greek ancient warriors
Special MAGIC show
And many, MANY other surprises



Τhe Teams!

Hanshi John Therien

9th Dan Ju-Jitsu - CANADA

Kyoshi Bernd Baumhomfer

7th Dan Aiki-Jujutsu - GERMANY

Master Johan Skalberg

KALI Sikaran Head Instructor - SWEEDEN

Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti

Shike 9th Dan Ju-Jitsu - ITALY

Michael Palaiologos

7th Dan Hapkido - GREECE

Cezar Borkowski

10th Dan Karate - Kobudo

Renshi Janick Dams

6th Dan - BELGIUM

Costas Liakopoulos GR

8th Dan - Greece

Kyoshi Didier Greslin

7th Dan - FRANCE

Grand Master Ky – Tu Dang

8th Dan - DENMARK

George Katsinopoulos

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - GREECE

Adam Adamski

6th Dan Aikido - POLAND

Iordanis Stavridis

Shaolin Kung Fu - GREECE

Mestre Pitbull

Capoeira - BRAZIL

Antonios Pantelias

Wing Chun & Mantis - GREECE

Dimitris Kazakeas

7th Dan Shotokan - GREECE

Ioannis Kamperos


Athens Taekwondo Team

8th Dan Taekwondo - GREECE

Ioannis Theofanous

Kick Boxing - GREECE

Hellas Kenpo Team

Ed Parker's Kenpo - GREECE

Eva Spyrou

Acro Yoga - GREECE

Efi Chatzigeorgaki

Acro Yoga - GREECE

Mariee Wiseman – Kapsi

Modern Dance - ENGLAND

Sofia Kyriazidou

Modern Dance - GREECE

Magos Loukos

Magic Show - GREECE

Oscar Moralles

Goshindo - SPAIN

Gianfranco Camerini

Head Instructor - ITALY

Kyoshi Michael Downs

Defensive Arts Dojo - USA